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Get a starling vocalist over that bread machine beat and you might just have something

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Some years ago, after after a whole lot of excitement, I decided I'd had quite enough excitement for a while. World events didn't really cooperate, but still, I am now living such a low-drama life that I got excited over the prospect of the cool sounds that the bread machine is going to make today.

First garden morel in the unusually cool spring we're having. I'll spare you the morel puns but no fear, I've got 'em.

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Stir-fried cabbage for dinner, and it's silky and incredible. I'm calling it now: cabbage is about to be the new hip crucifer.

I cannot describe this experience without sounding like a pretentious maniac, forgive me. But when I was a kid, I used to listen to Music from the Hearts of Space secretly late at night, and it was like entering a sonic dreamscape that mediated a star voyage. This is like a dreamscape that mediates a return to earth.

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Listening to these was an interesting experience. It *is* banjo improvisation with Zen poetry. It took a minute to adapt to that fact. And then— beautiful and warm.

In that experience of moving from "What" to "Yes" it was like listening to Harry Partch: I resist intellectually, and then I go through a sort of invisible membrane, over to the Partch side, and it's marvelous.

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Banjoist/multi-instrumentalist Holland Hopson and Southern Jewish Zen poet Hank Lazer have collaborated on a set of "field recordings", pairing Lazer's poems with Hopson's improvisations, spun out over photos from the beautiful Duncan Farm in AL.

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If this chart doesn't make you want to read an article by Japanese academics about how the brain responds to music with a strong "groove rhythm" component, nothing will.

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Josh texted me this URL and scooted into the room to watch me watching it. Sound on.

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“It’s not a problem of getting people to express themselves but of providing little gaps of solitude and silence in which they might eventually find something to say. Repressive forces don’t stop people from expressing themselves but rather force them to express themselves. What a relief to have nothing to say, the right to say nothing, because only then is there a chance of framing the rare, and ever rarer, thing that might be worth saying.”

- Gilles Deleuze

"So what we're gonna have to do is, we knock out this wall—"

This is some bean recipe.

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Josh just emerged from the kitchen and announced, "Okay, 'I'm going to make some beans' has turned into 'I'm going to the hardware store for new sink parts'."

This has been an interesting year to get into growing tender annuals from seed. I'm hip-deep in pepper starts that in any other year would be ready to harden off, if not be set outside. The lows this week are expected almost to graze the thirties, though.

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Hey, so this is super cool.

Google has been collecting call and messaging data about who you talk to or send text messages to for years. There's no opt-out, no notifcation in their TOS they're doing this, and you can't see the results of that collection in Google Takeout.

Filled an empty popcorn container with dried grubs and stored it on top of the fridge next to the popcorn. I'm sure this will be no problem.

If I didn't hear a raven today, I heard a crow doing a very good raven impression.

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