According to Home Depot, the first tile color is Gray, the second is Gray-Grey, and the third is Gray/Grey.

"Audubon painted a handful of birds that aren’t an exact match for anything we’ve currently got. These are Audubon’s mystery birds."

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"All of the species depicted in Louis Renard’s _Poissons, ecrevisses et crabes_ received some level of artistic embellishment – and approximately 9% are completely fantastical. If that’s not strange enough, the work is produced by a man who identified himself as a 'secret agent on behalf of the British Crown' and contains a portrait of a mermaid."

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First garden morel in the unusually cool spring we're having. I'll spare you the morel puns but no fear, I've got 'em.

I slept through my Squarch time again. So in a belated Saint Patrick's Day gesture, here's a somewhat mysterious figure from In Lebor Ogaim, which has come down to us from the fourteenth century.

Wikipedia says: "Traig Sruth Ferchertne/Strand Stream of Ferchertne: This time the letters are arranged in a series of squares. Ferchertne was a famous mythical poet of ancient Ireland who epitomised the excellence of the poet's craft. He was credited with writing part of the Scholar's Primer dealing with poetry. According to Ó hÓgáin, so great were Ferchertne's poetic powers that it was said that 'the lakes and rivers drain before him when he satirises, and they rise up when he praises them'."

From "Just How To Wake the Solar Plexus" by Elizabeth Towne, 1907. The past is another country.

This old Roman mosaic at Conimbriga has me wondering what's up. It seems unlikely that the mosaicists would find themselves surprised to have run out of space but...


This perfectly hackable object came to me through the local Buy Nothing.

"Weird noise art!" was my first thought. It'd make a fine housing for a ghost box. But maybe I won't go so far just yet. It's an adequate little speaker, and a device that plays a different MP3 every day is something I could use.

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