This paper is brutal and I love it. I want to take the author out for a beer. He's building on the insights of the great, crabby Paul Meehl and I could not be happier to see it.

Haeffel Gerald J. 2022 "Psychology needs to get tired of winning" R. Soc. open sci.9220099220099

@zompus I don't KNOW that this paper is a swipe at a certain very prominent member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, but it certainly could be, and if so, all I can say is, "GET 'IM"

@cameron combine a discipline-wide lack of scientific rigor with publication bias, and I start to understand the skepticism about psychiatry that I've been seeing in recent years from not-crazy people. It's a shame.

@ben To expand on my snark a little bit... you specified psychiatry. I think psychopharmacology, for all its issues, is the least problematic area of the psychological -- disciplines? sciences? well, how about I call them career tracks?

At least when a manufacturer brings a drug to market, they are required to log and evaluate adverse events. The same is not true of nondrug therapies.

@cameron I agree! The shame is the lack of rigor kinda ruining everything.

@ben The whole set of scientific norms is broken in psychology. This is of course a huge problem in ME/CFS research history -- you could see it very plainly in the PACE trials and in the threats and defamatory statements made to editors, patients, and fellow researchers by psychosomatism proponents. But you can see it also in the Frank Sulloway debacle where he managed to get an issue of "Politics and the Life Sciences" delayed by several years through legal threats and general DontYouKnowWhoIAm-ism, and yet somehow has not been laughed into the sun.

@ben The replication crisis may be coming for everybody but given the field's base-level problem with Mertonian norms it is no surprise that the crisis started in psychology. I pity any psychologist who's intellectually honest and scientifically inclined; I've seen a few tearing their hair out. Meehl had reason to be such a grouch.

And that's just at the RESEARCH end. God help us all when it gets filtered through university press offices and the newspapers. One of my pandemic hobbies has been looking up original publications of things heralded as Very Important Mental Health News. I have yet to find one that wasn't bullshit.

@ben And because nothing is every truly understood as WRONG in psychology and related fields, no person is ever truly understood as wrong either. The professional penalties for poor judgment, even extraordinarily poor judgment, seem incredibly mild if they exist at all.

The head of the UW Social Work department, now retired, was literally a Satanic Panic guy. Judging by the awards he's received, he's extremely eminent. He still practices in the area of forensic mental health and child abuse. Doesn't seem to have slowed him down at all.

@cameron My face is making a horrified expression at satanic panic guy. That's awful! I mean it's all awful, but also that, specifically.

@ben Unsurprisingly, he was also a total jackass at the UW. That's how I learned about his Satanic Panic past, in fact: I thought, "Who IS this clown?" and then I dug up a few old articles and found out. He wasn't a leading light of it, but he was in it. His mentor was a big name in the professional side of the Satanic Panic, iirc.

Apparently he's regarded as "beloved and brilliant" but that's sure not the case from a staff perspective.

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