What's Linux like on the desktop these days, anyone know?

I've been using this Macbook since 2014 and it's getting pretty creaky. I'm not wedded to Apple.

@cameron We've been using Linux on the desktop (and laptops of course) for 30 years here on the farm. Linux Mint MATE at the moment. People are slowly moving over, especially now that Win11 won't run on most hardware!

@GoatsLive @cameron 30 years of Linux development... The things you must have seen!
I'm about half that, using linux for 15-20 years. Fine for desktop use. If you're expecting popular-brand software then you may be disappointed (though some are making an effort), but if you're willing to put in a bit of work to use an alternative it's really worth it.

@paul @GoatsLive I'm actually a prospective returning user from way back when Slack came on a pile of CDs. There were too many things back then that didn't Just Work — I had some aggravation with font management in 1998 — but this may well be the time.

@cameron Linux Mint, for us just works. I load new fonts all the time, and all the needed software is in the repositories waiting to install. Most needed stuff is already in the build.

I've been putting my older family members on it and the learning curve is so easy they love it. They do everything in a browser anyway!

@cameron @GoatsLive it's definitely a lot better now.
I don't use it/them personally but it's looking like Fedora 36 with Gnome42 is becoming a great first/returning linux distro, especially if coming from the Mac world.

Windows users have trouble dealing with not being presumed as an idiot, so catering for them is more troublesome. #TokenWindowsInsult

@paul @GoatsLive There's some truth to it, though. I considered Windows as well, but honestly, I bridle at the assumptions in that OS-user relationship. I'll install updates on my own machine according to my own schedule, tyvm.

@cameron @GoatsLive yep, you (or your IT team) should be responsible for when/if updates happen!
And, of course... Stop bugging me to sign in to MS and use Edge and Cortana and XboxGameBar all the frickin time!

@cameron it's... good? It's been good for a while. There's a bunch of different desktops, the apps are solid, printing just works. Getting it installed on an old MacBook might be a little fiddly. The last time I put it on a MacBook was on a machine from 2011, and it worked fine but had trouble going into suspend when I closed the lid. More recent machines might have better support.

@phooky Good to hear! I did figure I'd get some new hardware for it (and should probably think about seeing about getting on a list for that now, given everything)

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