Found my way to SHWEP, so I guess that's my next several months sorted.

Having made two (2) quarts of sauerkraut, Josh has discovered Cabbage Shredders youtube. It cores, it chops, it salts! 5000 kg/hr!

@disquiet When he's done forming a sculpture, the candy artist raps it briskly to make it ring. Maybe that's just showmanship, but I'd guess he's listening for flaws as well as looking for cracks.

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Japanese sugar sculpture, amezaiku, is an excellent Youtube rabbit hole to fall down.

"Anyone who responds to an official ‘don’t panic’ by reducing their propensity to panic is not doing a good job updating on information."
— Zvi Mowshowitz

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Undated photo of John Cage and Morton Feldman discussing the presence of transistor radios at public beaches

Came across this article while I was thinking about really good, formable substrates for crystal gardens. I wonder if a clay slurry with egg whites and yeast could produce a porous ceramic foam in a home kiln, and if that'd be better than straight terracotta.

"Preparation of ceramic foam by simple casting process"

According to Home Depot, the first tile color is Gray, the second is Gray-Grey, and the third is Gray/Grey.

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My new laptop is here! Now I grapple with how many folders I have with names like "old" and "to-sort". Or I could just put them in another directory and name it "old", too, which is likely.

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I'm pretty wiped. Almost didn't do This Week in Sound ( this week. Then realized that doing it energizes me. Not doing it woulda been a bummer. It's an organizing principal for so much of my reading and listening. Topics include:

▰ AI-tricking chickens
▰ sonic home surveillance
▰ employee voiceprint lawsuit
▰ Netflix's caption heroes
▰ black hole pitches
▰ Webtoon SFX translation
▰ Yakety Sax punditry
▰ Foley history
▰ and much more

Today I found my way to @acmuller 's generous website of East Asian translations and texts. It's a pleasure to find an old-fashioned net.treasure like this.

What it meant:
Picking Up Masters. Looking for Good [Time Management Applications]

What I understood:
Picking Up Masters. [Looking for Good Time] Management Applications

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This paper is brutal and I love it. I want to take the author out for a beer. He's building on the insights of the great, crabby Paul Meehl and I could not be happier to see it.

Haeffel Gerald J. 2022 "Psychology needs to get tired of winning" R. Soc. open sci.9220099220099

The day after the mini-heatwave breaks, it sounds like both the construction workers and the songbirds are making up for lost time.

It's so hot that I just hosed down the mailman.

Released this good snail back to the yard to engender more good snails. It was one of those "into the wild" moments, but slow and snail-sized.

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Made a quick terrarium for an exceptionally good snail.

Josh: "You what? ...oh, that is a good snail."

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