This paper is brutal and I love it. I want to take the author out for a beer. He's building on the insights of the great, crabby Paul Meehl and I could not be happier to see it.

Haeffel Gerald J. 2022 "Psychology needs to get tired of winning" R. Soc. open sci.9220099220099

The day after the mini-heatwave breaks, it sounds like both the construction workers and the songbirds are making up for lost time.

It's so hot that I just hosed down the mailman.

Released this good snail back to the yard to engender more good snails. It was one of those "into the wild" moments, but slow and snail-sized.

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Made a quick terrarium for an exceptionally good snail.

Josh: "You what? ...oh, that is a good snail."

A young squirrel has learned how to wiggle into the chicken run but not how to get out.

Before this, the only Ed Sheeran songs I could remember were the ones that'd had some beats sliced out. (Underrated compositional technique?)

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West Coast Swing videos have been my thing lately. Here's my favorite so far.

A crow fledgling is exploring the world under our bedroom window and has been since very early this morning. The cat is losing his mind, the crow parents are losing their minds, and I'm ready to go take a nap in the shed.

We're still not reliably over 50F at night. This was not the year to go hard on growing peppers from seed. There's no great space here for overwintering peppers but I hope to find a way to give some of them a chance at 2023.

Briefly considered writing a garden blog in the spirit of this old short film from the BBC

"Audubon painted a handful of birds that aren’t an exact match for anything we’ve currently got. These are Audubon’s mystery birds."

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"All of the species depicted in Louis Renard’s _Poissons, ecrevisses et crabes_ received some level of artistic embellishment – and approximately 9% are completely fantastical. If that’s not strange enough, the work is produced by a man who identified himself as a 'secret agent on behalf of the British Crown' and contains a portrait of a mermaid."

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I know how we found each other
it, it, I'm almost afraid to t--
you know, as soon as you start talking about
what happens
it's like, it never
you can never get to what it really is
and then it's sort of
I'm almost afraid to talk about it because it's sort of
then you actually start thinking about it
you start
and it's
you know what I mean?

Like I like to
there's this
place in music
if you can stay in this sort of
naive state
where it's
to me that's the best feeling where you're
you're never sure
what's coming next
and you're never
and you're just
you're every moment
you're finding it

—Bill Frisell

And if I were going to switch to Linux, which is looking pretty likely (thanks, friends!) what distributions and desktops should I consider?

Is GNOME 3 as weird as it sounds?

Twenty-odd years ago I was a debian user, but I got fed up with some font management issues and decamped to the new improved "BSD in a clown suit" MacOS. It's a whole new landscape now.

What's Linux like on the desktop these days, anyone know?

I've been using this Macbook since 2014 and it's getting pretty creaky. I'm not wedded to Apple.

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